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1st Trade (Trust Arc, Issue 1-4) Don't Forget: Trust

$15.00 / On sale

  • Original Cover Bundle

Get the first trade which is the Trust Arc (Issues 1-4) of my story AND The Postcards that were made for each kickstarter campaign! For the first you'll get the "Dead Doors" postcard print. The second came with the 4 prints of the first two covers. And the third issue comes with an 'X' Sign and poem painting postcards. Finally it will have the 4 covers postcard prints from the fourth issue

Issue 1 starts out with this adventure our drifter has set out on. Setting up the story and world that he will come to share! He has one last goal to complete before he can pass happily...

Issue 2 continues the story from the first issue. Meeting people along the way that can possibly help him, but will they be a hindrance on his journey?

Issue 3 picks up with things starting to take a turn for the worse, memories from the past start to surface and issues arise. Those days come back in a flood and now he knows how close he is to finding a gift. Can he get out of this new predicament?

Issue 4 - New place, New faces. We must remember that respect is earned and not something just given away. What secrets lay in this new place the drifter has found? How are things going to play out now that he has been accepted into the group?

**Note that the picture shows ONLY the Trade, not the postcards